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The Preschool Program


This includes the Parent and Tots (18 months-3-1/2 years), Preschool (ages 3-1/2 -5) and Kinderkids (5-6 years old) programs. Children are taught to appreciate human movement and develop their own motor skills while learning to think, remember, and be aware of their surroundings with other children their own age.

Just-for-Kids gymnastics equipment is used and an obstacle course with colorful shapes and designs keep children’s interest as well as teach basic gymnastics skills. They also use the trampolines, pit and rope. The Parent & Tot program promotes Parent-Child interaction. The Pre-school program helps to promote social interaction with other children and the Kinderkids programs to prepare them for the next level of gymnastics instruction.

The Recreational Program


As the children progress into the recreational gymnastics classes they continue to learn and appreciate human movement, coordination, balance, strength, flexibility, and conditioning as well as develop social skills which carries through to any other sport or activity they may become involved in later in life. Children between the ages of 6 and 15 will learn basic gymnastics and will move up to the more advanced levels through an

evaluation system. These classes can either lead the children to the Competitive Program or provide a fun and exciting learning environment to allow them to progress as far as they wish. The classes in the Recreational Program are Beginner through Advanced Intermediate


The Competitive Program


As gymnasts progress to the competitive team, they learn to appreciate their own abilities and responsibilities preparing them for competition. The team is structured according to the USAG Jr. Olympic guidelines and includes Levels 3-10 for Girl’s gymnastics. We also offer an Excel Level competitive Team. See Team Tab-



Learn the basic through advanced tumbling skills needed for competitive cheerleading or dance. The use of the spring floor, Tumble Tramp, trampoline, thick mats, our foam pit and special shaped mats will aid in their learning.  Call and ask for Amy or click on our email link for more information on our special prices for full and partial squads.




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